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Originally posted on 3/7/11

Day 1

Rome, Rome, Rome, it’s sad that I only got one day to spend with you. I couldn’t walk in the ancient forum as I had wished and I really should have thrown in a coin into the trevi fountain so that my stationery would be spared.

Hi there, as promised, I’m going to write about my trip, it’s long due. Ok, let’s start with the flight. My family booked Ryan air tickets from Stansted to Rome (ciampiano). The flight was ok, I was expecting something really bad because everyone was already lined up when we reached the waiting area and we thought we’ll be separated. But lo and behold, the 6 seats in front of us that were booked for someone suddenly became free when they decided to play a disappearing act. We were thrilled as we had 12 seats to ourselves! (Note, for those who think this might happen to them: this does NOT always happen, actually it’ll be easier to find a seashell in KL than this occurring, Ok I’m just exaggerating)

As we flew over Italy, it was dark and the lights came out, it was beautiful even though I couldn’t see the buildings, but the lights were just magical. I was stunned and totally enchanted as we flew through Milan and then Rome. How can I describe it, it’s like that love story you’ve always dreamed about happen to you right at that moment.

The airport though, was not as good as it was run down, small and inefficient. You should know that this is of course not their main airport, so it is of no way reflective of Italian Airports, in fact, the one in Genoa was fine, but that’s for later.

Because we had our own arrangement with the tour company, the driver was waiting for us and when we got to the ‘van’ we were stunned, it was HUGE, a 16 seater for the 10 of us, ample space and it wasn’t shabby at all. We were going to travel in comfort and style for the next 9 days! Booyah!

The driver unfortunately couldn’t speak English, but thank God we had the translator on our I-phones. And we asked him to take us to eat. It was around 7 pm, normal eating time for us here, but not in Italy, they have their dinner a little later. (Just like my family actually hehe). He took us to a nice restaurant where, to our horror, the staff couldn’t talk in English, it was hard to communicate, but good thing my mom knew some good Italian food and how to say it right. I mean, if you asked me, I’d just say spaghetti, but then they’ll ask you what kind, seafood? Olio? (In Italian) and I’d just smile at them, thinking they took my order already and they’re saying it’s good. Lol. We had spheghetti, risotto and the bread with cold tomatoes. In Malaysia, this combo would not be my first choice, but I was in Italy and I was hungry, so I just ate it and I really enjoyed it, it’s so different, very tasty. The meal turned out to be 150 Euro’s for the 10 of us, that’ll be 15 euro’s, the normal average that you pay for good Italian food, try to save money or pay less than 9 euro’s and you won’t enjoy your meal. Trust me.

We got to the hotel, Hotel Giobani and checked in, the place was small, but at a very strategic place, just 5 mins walk ( if you’re super slow) to the Termini station and just outside was a bus stop that seemed to be really busy, as I had to keep on getting out of people’s way as they descended from the bus. The receptionist guy was really helpful and his English was impeccable. We were so glad and he helped us communicate with the driver. After having such a tiring wait for the flight and everything, I was so tired I just crashed on the bed, hoping that I’d wake up in time for breakfast without an alarm. The adults were more energetic and decided to walk around, but not far I guess, as I heard from them.

[ No pictures for this one unfortunately, but wait up for Day 2!]