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Saw this is the book ‘The joyful Christian’ and when i read it, all i could think about was the current economic crisis and the 2008 incident, how these words ring so true right now. Here’s what C.S. Lewis said:

There is one bit of advice given to us by the ancient heathen greeks, and by the Jews in the Old testament, and by the great christian teachers of the Middle ages, which the modern economic system has completely disobeyed. All these people told us not to lend money at interest: and lending money at interest- what we call investment- is the basis of our whole system. Now it may not absolutely follow that we are wrong. Some people say that when Moses and Aristotle and the Christians agreed in forbidding interest (or “ususry” as they called it), they could not foresee the joint stock company, and were only thinking of the private moneylender, and that, therefore we need not bother about what they said. That is a question i cannot decide on. I am not an economist and i simply do not know whether the investment system is responsible for the state we are in or not. That is where we want the Christian economist. But i should not have been honest if i had not told you that three great civillizations had agreed (or so it seems at first sight) in condemning the very thing on which we have based our whole life.