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Midnight in Paris, I am so glad there was a good link to this movie and I’ve been waiting to see it for months since I heard about it. Wonderful! Beautiful! Finally a movie with substance and a good meaningful ending. Yes, it it that hard to find these kind of movie these days.

The story is about this writer Gol who comes to Paris with his fiancé and her family. He is just in love with the city but his fiancé thinks otherwise. While they are there they meet up with Inez’s (gil’s fiancé) friends. They go around the city marvelling at art and French wine. Gil is irritated with Inez’s friend paul for his presumptuousness and know it all attitude. One night when Paul invites the couple to go dancing, Gil politely declines and goes to walk around Paris by himself. While he is sitting on the steps, the clock strikes midnight and an old fashion antique car passes by, the people invite him in and he goes into the car with them. He is taken to this party where he meets people like Scott Fitzgerald and later on Earnest Hemingway. The rest of the story involves him meeting up with prominent writers and artists of the 1920’s and finding out who he really is as a writer and as a person.

Honestly, when the first few scenes of the movie were shown and the beautiful music playing the kind of music you would associate with Paris, I was hooked. Later on, when they are laying out the ground for the story, meaning being in the present, it got a little boring. This is because if you have seen the trailer you would know that this movie is a time travelling movie. And really, the fun part is when you travel back in time, it makes the present boring. This is a point that becomes one of the themes in the movie too. The interesting part began when he went back in time, it was fun hearing all these famous people’s name and I could just imagine the shock Gil would have felt meeting this people face to face. I also have to admit that the fascination lied in the fact that I am a book lover and all this name dropping is just fascinating. It was also a pleasure to be able to recognise the names and characters that Gil met. I admit that I was unfamiliar with the artist but that’s alright.

I’m not sure about you, but after watching this movie, I have a renew sense of pride for all these writers in the movie. I was also able to connect with the main character who felt that the 20’s in Paris was the golden age, of course I feel that the 19th century was the golden age for me, but you get it, we both think that another time would be better suited for us. I am sure many other people feel the same way too and it is this kind of things that connects the audience with the character and the story. I would say that the writer did some deep thinking about many issues and they have been successfully presented in the movie. One scene I love the most was when Gil was walking alone with Adriana, he talks about Paris with such passion it draws you in and makes you agree with everything he says. I feel like such a book/writer nerd right now, totally loving the movie I can’t stop mentioning the same things over and over again.

Watch this movie especially if you love books and their writers, watch it if you’re a literature student, you may disagree with certain points  of portrayal but come on, don’t tell me you don’t swoon just thinking about the idea of being able to meet your favourite authors face to face right?