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Originally posted on : 31/5/11

Hi, i love books, do you? Yay let’s be friends.

I have been cleaning my book cupboard, just some of my efforts to keep my room clean/ preserve my books. I don’t know about you but i don’t like to see my book pages turning yellow. Some people like it as it shows how old the book is, makes it more precious which is all good, but i like my books to be in good condition. So lately i googled how to stop books from turning yellow and i got this!

1. Store books away from direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun will fade book covers and damage paper pages, prompting them to yellow over time.

2. Avoid placing books in high humidity locations, such as the basement or attic. High humidity levels with increased moisture in the air will damage paper. Likewise, low humidity areas will dry paper out, leaving it to yellow and tear.

3. Ensure books are stored in an area with circulating air, such as a room or library in the house. Make sure if books are stored near a wall they have at least three inches between the pages and wall to allow for air circulation. If the books are in a cabinet, the cabinet should be three inches away from the wall. Leave an inch or two distance between the books and back wall of the cabinet for proper air circulation.

And that’s exactly what i did, after wiping out all the dust, and rearanging all my books and cd’s (Something also done while cleaning) i just left a few inches of space. Hopefully this will protect them.

It also depends if the books are printed on acid free paper because those are the good ones. “In the long run it is easier just to buy quality books that are made with acid free paper!. Most hardbacks or even trade paperbacks will outlive you, regular paperbacks won’t!. If you already have them, all you have to do to keep them from yellowing is store them in airtight, airless containers!. Professional preservationists use various inert gases to do this with historical documents!. Your best chance is to either get some tupperware or stop by the local comic book store and buy some of their special plastic bags, since some plastics decay faster than others, the comic book guy will know what you want!”

Some people mentioned putting books in zip lock bags and tupperwares but really? i want my books on the bookshelf as they are, it looks better that way, i want to protect them but i’m not that crazy. If they’re meant to be yellow then sadly, so be it. Hope this was helpful to you booklovers out there!