Hello! Welcome, welcome. You may be wondering why i called this blog my little Chateau, well just because it would be just Awesome to have one but the reality of it is kind of out of the reach, thus in the world-wide web i have made my own little space and built my little Chateau on this space of unclaimed web land.

I treat this place like a home, making it my own and putting everything that interests me and stuff that i love and of course random things that happen in my life. Want to know more about me? Well i think that if you look at the things that interest me and the stuff that’s happening in my life, you’ll pretty much get the gist of what kind of person i am. Feel free to browse around the rooms, something in there might just interest you. All you have to do is click the links on the side and you’ll be there in a jiffy. Or if you prefer to just see the latest posts just click the top.

One more thing i need to address, I created this blog because my old one was mercilessly hacked into and it was horrible. I’m trying to move the stuff that I’ve posted there over to this place (see I’m not even calling it a blog) so that i won’t lose any of my old memories.  Alright, I’ve got lots of work to do, i just thought I’ll say hi in the midst of renovations.