Originally posted on :19/8/2011

Last week i was lucky enough to get a hold of the tickets to this charity event for free! yes, i was so excited that i even fell while running up to the library. I decided to go for this as of course it was free, and secondly, just days ago i was contemplating about going to the listen to the MPO, but the cheapest tickets were RM30! so i guess God must have heard my silent wish yet again! And lastly, it was held in my uni so all i had to do was stay back after class, so convinient.

The event started out with a performance from the Sunway uni department of performing arts, they did a music movement thing, that is sort of like ‘stomp’ just with an electric guitar and not so many metalic items. lol i’m not sure how to explain it actually, but it was supposed to be about the human spirit and how it continues to fight for freedom. Alright, on to the main event then.

This is the first time i’ve listened to an orchestra, yes, it is not the complete one, but it was a really good introduction to it for a newbie like me. The orchestra consisted of the people you see up there in the poster, and it was conducted by Eugeen Poon, which i have to say, is a funny guy when he picks up the microphone. If you know me, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear me say that i had no idea what this whole concert thing was about, i did not know it was a charity event, i did not know what songs they were going to play and i did not know any of the musicians, i was just interested and decided to find out, and so i did. The title for this event actually gives a clue about what they were going to play, but see i had no idea and if you’re not into this whole orchestra thing, you wouldn’t know too i bet. Butterfly lovers refers to the chinese story of the two lovers, also known as the chinese Romeo and Juliet story. Once i heard the conducter mention this i was immediately alert, it was a good surprise to know that they were going to play the music based on this story, he went on to tell the story to the audience that didn’t know about it (i am proud to say that i knew about this story, thank you, thank you). And then they started, the music composed for a full orchestra of 60 members, but since this was a small event, they adjusted it accordingly. The story may be of chinese origin, but the music was composed to suit western music instruments. To me, a total noob, it was just beautiful, i could imagine the scenes, the two lovers, and what they had to go through all told through the music. I was sitting up the whole time, just enjoying the sounds. I am most definately going to find out how i can hear the whole orchestra play this and try to get my hands on some tickets to hear it (see i told you it was a good intro to concerts)

Then we had a 20 minute intermission, where you could stretch out and walk around. After that, it started again, this time it was on to the love songs. A guy came up to sing the tenor, i’m not sure what his name was but i tell you he was awesome. He sang with his heart, you could see the expression in his face and gestures and most importantly in his voice. The songs were familiar to me, but i don’t know their titles, sounded italian to me though. The audience loved him and gave him loud applauses after every song, and even before he began to sing the second last song, people recognised the song (me too!) and applauded before he even opened his mouth to sing. here’s the song: (Time to say goodbye, appropriate because it was supposed to be the last song until an encore was demanded for):

As i mentioned the encore was given, the funny thing is, the song is called ‘Smile’ and the conducter was saying “even through our busy schedule, we managed to practice this song… smile” and the whole orchestra got up and smiled. Everyone was either shocked that that was the thing they prepared or they got the joke and was probably going “oh nooo” (face palm). But yes, the song is called smile and it was lovely, it even made me smile as it’s just that kind of song that puts a smile to your face. I had to leave before the last song sadly, so i can’t comment about that, but overall, the Perak Society of Performing Arts(PSPA) and their international ensamble, you guys did a great job! i loved every minute of it and don’t regret having to stay back and all. Thanks for the free ticket and a wonderful time.