We all know that adapting a book into a movie never ever satisfies the fans because there’s so much they have to cut out to squeeze into 90 minutes movie. I can clearly remember how crushed i was when Ella Enchanted was destroyed by the movie, plus it starred Anne Hathaway! I think i remember telling my friends not to see the movie but read the book, clearly i was passionate about that book back then. Another example, I personally have not read the Lord of the Rings trilogy but a friend of mine says that the movie, even though 4 hours long each (extended version) did not cover everything. I’ve also seen the interviews and the writers do admit that they changed certain parts to accomodate the movie. Clearly reading the book before watching the movie would be best if you can that is. Sometimes you don’t even know it’s based on a book.

So what’s all this about? I discovered this website where it’s all about this, reading the book before watching the movie! There’s a newsletter, and it tells you all about the books that are being turned into movies. As far as everything goes, it’s just started so you can’t see samples of it. You have to take a pledge though, it’s the only way to get the newsletter, so i was realistic and opted for option B. If you’re interested just click the banner below!