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Hello! since i’m having a loooong break, i have been spending the time vegetating, no i mean reading. So far i’ve already read 19 books this year and my goal was 20 books in a year, oh well i’ll just have to make it 20 books in half the year. I owe it to the long break because in normal circumstances i would never be able to accomplish such a feat, especially with my slow reading habits. Alright on to the book then. By the way if you have shelfari, and i know you personally, tell me about it i wanna add you!
Title: Even Now
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Published in 2005
Summary: Two high school sweethearts, Lauren Anderson and Shane Galanter are in love but an unwanted pregnancy threatens to tear them apart. With their parents trying to seperate them, they strive to be with each other. 18 years later, Emily is in search of her parents, her mother who mysteriously left her when she was a baby and her father who moved away.

Review: When i saw the book, which my friend lent me i was a little afraid to start it because firstly, two books were combined into one. Yes, there is a sequel to this book, it’s called Ever after. However as soon as i started reading it i couldn’t stop, this would be the case for most of karen kingsbury’s books. The plot is simple as you would find in many love stories these days, boy loves girl, they accidentally sleep with each other, girl gets pregnant, parents disapprove and want to seperate them. Many years later after the seperation they are living their seperate lives but still deep down they still love each other and want to be together. But the emotions that were carefully thought through while writing this book can really be felt. I was in a whirlwind of emotions as i read of the seperation of the lovers, i felt the regret the families had and most of all the love between Shane and Lauren. I was also near tears at many parts of the book, as i said, the emotions just flow through the pages to the reader. One of the themes running in the book would be peace and the author is trying to show that there is a different kind of peace than the one we usually talk about, ex peace between countries. The book is Christian based and thus you see the strong and weak faith in the characters, most of all, the way God can work in methods beyond our comprehension.

A few issues like the meaning of true love is explored as the author throws out the question to the reader, “Is age a factor when it comes to understanding the true meaning of love?”, seperationnot just of lovers but families, forgiveness and mistakes made throughout life. In the novel these issues are dealt and explored in a christian perspective.

Personally the part that struck me the most was the part where Shane realised the meaning of the verse in proverbs “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” The way he realised its meaning struck me as i hadn’t quite seen the verse in that light before. Sorry i can’t elaborate on this because it would spoil one part of the plot for you.

The part where emily was looking for her parents through the internet may not be convincing to some people because, ok human logic wise, those things can’t happen in just a few days. But if you talk spiritual, God’s hand is in this wise then yes, it is absolutely possible. So it really depends on where you stand.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars